Disko Bay : Olaf Wipperfurth


Museo Civico di Zoologia



Patronage: Ambasciata della Repubblica Federale di Germania

Promoted by: Roma Culture, Sovraintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali.














In summer 2019, I travelled to the east coast of Greenland

to a region called – Disko Bay – to take photographs for

on going series on mountains and relief














The floating landscapes of the moving giant icebergs in the bay

and the monochrome setting was purely sublime and difficult to describe with photography


















By adding paint layers and abstract forms, the original landscape transforms into a more

mystical and hidden places. The spectator should read this work as the gesture

of repairing, conservation, repatching, that puts a protective vail onto the slowly melting icebergs















The work shown in this book takes the photography further into mutation

by adding free floating spontaneous forms and layers of abstraction with acrylic paint













Through this intervention with paint,

the landscape reflects it’s uniqueness

and fragility in a different way

















“I see the close relation of the eco environment fragility and the uniqueness of abstraction paint brush movement”















We actually start seeing through this process of hiding,

and loosing the orientation of what was first and what comes next

and what was the origin. The original photograph shines through

or disappears completely, in parts the paint intervention builds news landscapes














As an artist I’m interested in ephemeral and hidden space

and the memory place have. The nebulous ghostly paintings

taking the landscape into abstraction, touching all the questions

of loosing and forgetting things, loosing memories that vaporize into the void





Ice is our geological memory that tells us about

our earth history and development. Now in the

vanishing ice we are loosing this facts and memory